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Sailing Word Definition
Berth Inside the boat, a berth is a place to sleep (bed); at the marina, a place for the boat to be secured AKA slip or mooring
Bias term used to indicate which side of the race course or start line is favored. A start line that is committee boat biased has the committee boat upwind of the pin.
Bilge The inside bottom of the boat; where any water inside the boat will collect and be pumped out with a bilge pump.
Binnacle A pedestal to which the compass is attached
Black Flag When flown from the Race Committee boat, any boat in the triangle formed by the starting line and the windward mark 1 minute before the starting signal is DSQ
Block A pulley through which a line runs to change the direction of pull
Bollard A piece of hardware found on the decks of boats and at marina berths; used to secure mooring/dock lines to the boat and dock.
Bolt Rope The line attached (sewn) along the luff of a sail. The bolt rope is fed into a track on the mast or forestay and hoisted up the mast/forestay.
Boom The spar that attaches to the foot of the mainsail with one end attached to the mast.
Bow The front end of the boat
Bowsprit A pole extending off the front of the boat; used to attach the tack of a sail to a point forward of the bow.
Broach When a boat becomes overpowered sailing down wind and turns inadvertently abeam to the wind; usually happens with spinnaker up resulting in excessive heel (aka Knockdown)
Bulkhead A wall separating the boats cabins; a structural wall inside a boat.
Cam Cleat A device for securing a line; two opposing cams lock the line into place as the line is loaded up.
Catamaran A boat with two separate hulls attached together with a rigid deck or crossbeams.

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