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29er XX

Designer: Julian Bethwaite
Design Year: 2005

Length Overall 4.45 m 14.6 ft
Sail Area Tot Working 14 m2 150.6 sq-ft
Sail Area Spinnaker 23 m2 247.4 sq-ft
Hull Weight 70 kg 155 lbs

The 29er XX is here!

This is the incredible 29er hull with an all carbon fibre rig, a masthead spinnaker and twin trapeze.

The 29erXX provides an exciting new challenge to skiff sailors looking for the ultimate thrills of a powered-up rig and double trapeze. This new design features an all-carbon mast with twin spreaders that is approximately 450mm longer than the standard 29er rig, while the main, jib and kite are about 6 square meters larger. All of these upgrades fit nicely on to the existing 29er platform and also share the same boom, pole, blades and tiller. So upgrading is simplicity itself.

The first international regatta for this new class was held in Weymouth, UK, in the summer of 2006. The event brought together 27 menís, womenís and mixed teams from 8 countries providing valuable input to help make this a mature, well designed boat.

Construction Details

Hull & Deck Isophalic polyester FRP with foam sandwich laminate for stiffness and light weight. Daggerboard and Rudder Foils Aluminium with foam core. Light and strong. Alloy rudder stock with vertically lifting dagger rudder blade.

Spars composite carbon fibre with twin spreaders. Composite carbon fibre bowsprit. Sails Fully battened mainsail and jib for shape stability and long competitive life. Mylar film with fibre weave for light weight and low stretch. Tri-radial spinnaker cut for shape stability and long life.

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